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    Subjectkernel.suid_dumpable or fs.suid_dumpable?

    Apparently the patch to add kernel.suid_dumpable sysctl:;a=commitdiff;h=d6e711448137ca3301512cec41a2c2ce852b3d0a

    was applied wrongly - the sysctl was added under "fs" instead of "kernel".
    So currently it is fs.suid_dumpable instead of kernel.suid_dumpable, but
    the docs (Documentation/sysctl/kernel.txt) and include/linux/sysctl.h
    (KERN_SETUID_DUMPABLE) say that it should be under "kernel".

    Which way this should be fixed - should the sysctl definition be moved
    from fs_table to kern_table (thus moving it from fs.suid_dumpable to
    kernel.suid_dumpable, as docs say), or should docs be fixed to reflect the
    current location of sysctl (and include/linux/sysctl would need to be
    fixed too)?

    I have filed this as to
    make sure it is not forgotten completely.

    Sergey Vlasov
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