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    SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
    Joerg Schilling wrote:
    > "Jim Crilly" <> wrote:
    >>> Just read my comments on the Debian bug tracking system
    >>> Jörg
    >> To which bugs are you referring? Looking at the bugs for the cdrtools
    >> package, I only see 1 functionality bug. All of the rest are policy
    >> violations, copyright updates, translation updates, etc. And ironically
    >> in that 1 real bug the entire thread degenerated into you pointing
    >> fingers and slinging mud at the Linux kernel maintainers again, just
    >> like this one.
    > It's not me who proablty did delete unwanted information on
    > A few weeks ago, there have been aprox. 100 "bug" entries.

    You need not care about the Debian bugs, except the few the Debian package
    maintainers have forwarded to you. Every other bug is Debian specific. The
    idea is they will pass bug reports through a triage process, filter support
    requests, filter bug reports that are related to their local changes, and
    forward what they deem upstream bugs to you.
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