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SubjectRe: 2.6.15 Bug? New security model?
* Bernd Schubert ( wrote:
> Er, you mean /proc/fs/reiserfs/{partition}/on-disk-super?


> bernd@bathl ~>grep attrs_cleared /proc/fs/reiserfs/hda6/on-disk-super
> flags: 1[attrs_cleared]

> > 2) does mount -o attrs ... make a difference?
> Yes, 2.6.13 now makes the same trouble. No difference with
> I played with mount -o noattrs, this makes no difference with 2.6.13, but has
> some effects to Creating files in /var/run is possible again,
> lsattr gives "lsattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device While reading flags
> on /var/run", but deleting files in /var/run is still impossible (still
> rather bad for the init-scripts).

Yes, that's what I thought. There's still some backward logic in there.
noattrs vs. attrs triggers whether the code path that's patched in is taken. I'll dig a bit more, but hopefully the reiserfs folks
can fix this for us.

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