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Subjectfsck: i_blocks is xxx should be yyy on ext3
Today I rebooted into 2.6.16-rc2-mm1.  Fsck checked a "clean" ext3 fs,
because it was many mounts since the last time.

I have seen that many times, but this time I got a lot of
"i_blocks is xxx, should be yyy fix?"

In all cases, the blocks were fixed to a lower number.

I did a init 1, and checked the other filesystems.
It was the same everywhere, some i_blocks had do be fixed, and
the superblock was last updated in the future.

Is this normal somehow, or has something strange happened to ext3 lately?
I have experimented with the "barrier" option, but it gets disabled
because barrier based sync fails on the devices. May this cause silent
errors? I thought I simply didn't get the advantages of barriers.
data=writeback made no difference from the default data=journal,
all filesystems had these wrong i_blocks.

Helge Hafting
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