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Subjectlibata pata atapi errors
Ok, been spending the day using libata's pata interface to my plextor 
dvd writer. All is good, it's burning dvdr's at their rated speed and
using dma and everything works perfectly. Apparently, after some
amount of disks I got the following error.

Assertion failed! qc->n_elem >
(repeated many times)
ata6: command 0xa0 timeout, stat 0xd0 host_stat 0x60
ata6: translated ATA stat/err 0xd0/00 to SCSI SK/ASC/ASCQ 0xb/47/00
ATA: abnormal status 0xD0 on port 0x177
ATA: abnormal status 0xD0 on port 0x177
ATA: abnormal status 0xD0 on port 0x177
Device not ready. Make sure there is a disc in the drive.

Now, i used sg3-utils (from debian unstable amd64) and reset the device
(using sg_reset) because it was stuck in a "writing" state. I had to
then use the "eject" utility to get the door to open because it was
stuck in a locked state. After all that, the device responds again, but
is now making a strange vibration noise like the lens motor is trying to
seek beyond where it's supposed to go. and produces the errors again.
Eventually the drive gets stuck in an active state and wont respond to
any commands except spew errors when commands are attempted.

this is with the amd/nvidia pata and sata drivers loaded on an smp
athlon dual core system in 64bit mode. Any additional info, just ask.
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