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SubjectRe: Which is simpler? (Was Re: [Suspend2-devel] Re: [ 00/10] [Suspend2] Modules support.)
On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 22:01 -0500, Jim Crilly wrote:
> On 02/06/06 08:19:02PM -0500, Lee Revell wrote:
> > On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 19:59 -0500, Jim Crilly wrote:
> > > I guess reasonable is a subjective term. For instance, I've seen quite
> > > a few people vehemently against adding new ioctls to the kernel and
> > > yet you'll be adding quite a few for /dev/snapshot. I'm just of the
> > > same mind as Nigel in that it makes the most sense to me that the
> > > majority of the suspend/hibernation process to be in the kernel.
> >
> > No one is saying that ANY new ioctls are bad, just that the KISS
> > principle of engineering dictates that it's bad design to use ioctls
> > where a simple read/write to a sysfs file will do.
> >
> I understand that, but shouldn't the KISS principle also be applied to
> the user interface of a feature?

Personally I agree with you on suspend2, I think this is something that
needed to Just Work yesterday, and every day it doesn't work we are
losing users... but who am I to talk, I'm not the one who will have to
maintain it.


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