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SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
On Sunday February 5, wrote:
> If you specify O_EXCL (and not O_CREAT), it is implementation defined
> what will happen (in the Linux case, this opens a block device for
> exclusive access).

With Linux, O_EXCL on a block devices isn't *exactly* exclusive
It only provided you exclusive access against other people who ask for
exclusive access, which includes in-kernel usage like mount, md, dm,
and swap.

So if you open a block device O_EXCL, it will fail if the block device
is already open O_EXCL or is mounted, or in use by the kernel in some
other way (including if a partition is open O_EXCL). An if you
succeed in getting an O_EXCL open, then no-one else will be able to
get an O_EXCL open, or mount the filesystem etc.
Bit on open without O_EXCL will always succeed no matter whether
someone has it O_EXCL or not.

So it is a lot like an advisory exclusive lock on the whole block

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