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SubjectRe: 8250 serial console fixes -- issue

Glen Turner <> writes:

> The serial console still should not write into an unasserted
> DSR or DCD since that will hang up on incoming calls. But
> they's a totally different, non-security issue.

Could be a security issue if the modem gets reconfigured.

> I'm also unsure of the robustness equipment in the face
> of Russell's suggestion. The suggestion implies that the
> kernel will write strings when CTS is unasserted. There
> is some allowance for that in receivers that are configured
> for RTS/CTS flow control, but it that allowance being overly
> stressed? And does it matter if the modem or the receiver
> drops some characters? Is there popular equipment for which
> this is a pathological case?

Actually I think you can't currently connect a Hayes modem directly
to a serial console, CRTSCTS or no flow control.

With terminal server it may work (especially Linux-based or similar),
for example, with "screen".

> I would probably prefer two flags -- 'r' meaning flow control
> (CTS) and a new option, say 's', meaning modem status (DSR,DCD).

Would make sense I think.

>> BTW I think you know all of this very well for years.
> I don't know what you were thinking when you wrote this. But
> it is stupid. It's one thing to be technically wrong -- all
> that is required to fix that is some patience on both sides.
> And Russell has been very patient with me, which I appreciate.
> It's totally another thing entirely to be insulting. What
> do you now think are the chances of people working together
> harmoniously to have the open issues satisfactorily resolved?

I'm not exactly sure what do you mean. First I thought he was
overworked or something like that but now I wonder if I should
check it with an English teacher nearby?

I just really thought he knows modem control lines details and
how Hayes modems behave etc. from BBS era.

What exactly is the "insult" here?
Krzysztof Halasa
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