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SubjectRe: GPL V3 and Linux - Dead Copyright Holders
Pierre Ossman wrote:

>This whole DRM:d hardware issue is a bit different though since it seems
>to be moving to a point where it cannot be avoided. "Vote with your
>wallet" fails when there are so few of us that care about these things.
I do not share this fear. Well, off-the-shelf complete pc's might end
up like
that, demanding a signed OS and so on if we take a very pessimistic
view on the future.

But "vote with your wallet" still works. There is a huge parts market .
You can buy hundreds of brands of motherboards, processors and
add-on cards. Strict DRM will never fly in this market! What if
_one_ manufacturer comes out with a new improved motherboard that only
will boot and run a signed version of windows? No sales!

The guy who build is own computer won't take that sort of thing, he'll
find another manufacturer. Remember the outrage when Intel implemented
cpuID? They were forced to make that optional.

And if one country encourages DRM hw, then other countries will
ramp up non-DRM hw production as the demand rises.

I think the worst that could possibly happen is that cheap complete pc's
found at supermarkets might have some DRM hw in them. Stuff that
we might need a few 30-hour debugging sessions to circumvent. And
so we will be forced to assemble our pc's from parts - the way we
usually do anyway for other reasons.

Helge Hafting
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