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SubjectRE: Thread safety for epoll/libaio

> I apologize if I should not post this on LKML, but there seems to be
> some lack of documentation for using epoll/AIO with threads. Are
> these interfaces thread-safe? Can I use them safely in the following
> way:

They are thread safe.

> Thread A: while(1) { io_getevents(); ... }
> // wait forever until an event occurs, then handles the event and loop
> Thread B: while(1) { epoll_wait(); ... }
> // same as thread A
> Thread C: ... io_submit(); ...
> Thread D: ... epoll_ctl(); ....
> Suppose thread B calls epoll_wait and blocks before thread D calls
> epoll_ctl. Is it safe to do so? Will thread B be notified for the
> event submitted by thread D? Thread A and C pose the same question
> for AIO.

Using the interfaces this way is pretty much their entire point. They'd be
almost useless if you couldn't use them in this way.


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