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Subject[FREELOADER ANNOUNCE] DSFS patches for Linux-2.6.9-22 (Red Hat ES4 and WS4) Posted

This is a FREELOADER Release:

Patches and modified kernel tar.gz files can be downloaded from

These patches are posted and provided IAW the terms of the GNU Public
License version 2 **ONLY**
(Hope that one made Linus smile).

Several problems to report:

the 3w-9xxx driver reports bogus SGL list errors unles you upgrade the
kernel tree with
the latest version. It's in the patch. There are also some receiver
lockup problems with
the e1000 Ethernet driver is you cross 64K boundries during DMA. Fixed
both in
the patches. The e1000 problem I introduced with my drivers mods. The
9xxx problems need an updated driver.

Someone needs to make certain the 3w-9xxx.c file is current. 2.6.11,
2.6.12, and 2.6.13
all have this bogus error unless the driver gets updated.



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