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Subject2.6.16-rc5: known regressions
This email lists some known regressions in 2.6.16-rc5 compared to 2.6.15.

If you find your name in the Cc header, you are either submitter of one
of the bugs, maintainer of an affectected subsystem or driver, a patch
of you was declared guilty for a breakage or I'm considering you in any
other way possibly involved with one or more of these issues.

Due to the huge amount of recipients, this email has a Reply-To set.
Please add the appropriate people to the Cc when replying regarding one
of these issues.

Subject : usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed on 2.6.16-rc4-git10 kernel
References :
Submitter : Ryan Phillips <>
Status : unknown

Subject : Oops in Kernel 2.6.16-rc4 on Modprobe of saa7134.ko
References :
Submitter : Brian Marete <>
Status : unknown

Subject : saa7146: no devices created in /dev/dvb
References :
Submitter : Tom Seeley <>
Dave Jones <>
Handled-By : Jiri Slaby <>
Status : unknown

Subject : S3 sleep hangs the second time - 600X
References :
Submitter : Sanjoy Mahajan <>
Handled-By : Luming Yu <>
Status : is being debugged,
we might want to change the default back for 2.6.16:

Subject : 2.6.16-rc[34]: resume-from-RAM unreliable (SATA)
References :
Submitter : Mark Lord <>
Handled-By : Randy Dunlap <>
Status : one of Randy's patches seems to fix it

Subject : total ps2 keyboard lockup from boot
References :
Submitter : Duncan <>
Handled-By : Dmitry Torokhov <>
Pavlik Vojtech <>
Status : discussion and debugging in the bug logs

Subject : psmouse starts losing sync in 2.6.16-rc2
References :
Submitter : Meelis Roos <>
Handled-By : Dmitry Torokhov <>
Status : Dmitry: Working on various manifestations of this one.
At worst we will have to disable resync by default
before 2.6.16 final is out and continue in 2.6.17 cycle.



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