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SubjectRe: [Announce] Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
On Saturday 25 February 2006 09:19, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>If the modules crc changes,
>>it must do an instant disable of the transmitter functions and exit
>> or crash, thereby precluding any 'hot rodding' of the chipset.
>Would not it be easiest to have the chipset enforce the acceptable
> bands? So that software can't switch the chipset to 1337 GHz no
> matter how hard you forward/reverse-engineer it.

That removes the ability to legally use this chipset in regions other
than the one its designed for. We tend to forget that a set of masks
to make a chip, in the currently fabbing 90nm process, can ran as high
as 50 million dollars for the more complex stuff. And it can only
multiply when 45nm and even 15nm come online in the coming years. Such
precision costs money, and must be recouped by sufficient volume of the
single chip that mask set makes.

If Litchenstein has a different set of rules, I guarantee that there
will NOT be a seperate chips masked out just for Litchenstein.

Sure, thats so ridiculous an example its sublime, but those are the
facts that the chip makers must deal with on a global scale. Its much
easier for them to furnish a binary only driver that enforces the rules
for the region where the chip will be used. Economically, its the only
choice they have. I'd be interested in how, if they supply binaries
that could supposedly be downloaded to anyplace on the planet, do they
enforce in software the miriad variations of the rules. It would have
to have some means of discovering where it is in order to enable the
proper subset of those rules. That however, is also proprietary info
because of the potential for hackability if the method were known.

>Jan Engelhardt

Cheers, Gene
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