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Subject[patch 0/6] lightweight robust futexes: -V4

This is release -V4 of the "lightweight robust futexes" patchset. The
patchset can also be downloaded from:

no big changes - docs updates and the tidying of futex_atomic_cmpxchg()

Changes since -V3:

- added Documentation/robust-futex-ABI.txt (Paul Jackson)

- fixed two mistakes in Documentation/robust-futexes.txt.
(found by Paul Jackson)

- added an explicit access_ok() check to the futex_atomic_cmpxchg()
function. This is not needed in the place it's currently used (there
we have already validated the access_ok() range validity of the
userspace pointer), but it's good to do it nevertheless, just in case
the function gets used elsewhere in the futex code.

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