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SubjectRe: [PATCH] altix: export sn_pcidev_info_get
On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 20:47 -0600, Mark Maule wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 08:17:14PM +0000, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> > On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 10:23:37AM -0600, Mark Maule wrote:
> > > Export sn_pcidev_info_get.
> >
> > Tony or Andrew please back this out again. The only reason SGI wants this is
> > to support their illegal graphics driver, and no core code uses it.
> >
> > And Mark, please stop submitting such patches.
> All I'm doing by exporting sn_pcidev_info_get is allowing a module to use
> the SGI SN_PCIDEV_BUSSOFT() macro which will tell a driver which piece of
> altix PCI hw its device is sitting behind (e.g. PCIIO_ASIC_TYPE_TIOCP et. al).
> While I acknowledge that the gfx driver folks requested this, I don't
> understand what is "illegal" about this export, or the driver which wants
> to use it. What am I missing here?

so you would have no objection to making this a _GPL export ?

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