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SubjectRe: Stuck creating sysfs hooks for a driver..
Jean Delvare wrote:

>Hi Kaiwan,
>You must stay away from writing a driver for the board itself. What you
>must write is in fact two different drivers:
>1* A driver for the SPI interface of your board (basically a parallel
>port <-> SPI bridge). This driver will expose the device as an SPI bus
>to the rest of the kernel. This driver doesn't care about what chip is
>plugged on it.
>2* A driver for the LM70 temperature sensor chip, which doesn't care
>about the chip location. This driver will use generic SPI commands as
>offered by the spi kernel interface.
Ok, i see your point..

>It's really not a matter of how many features a chip has. Look at the
>lm75 or w83l785ts driver, you'll see they have very few features as
>well. It's a matter of having a common standard for exporting the
>values to user-space, so that the same library or application can
>handle all sources with minimum effort.
Yes, again..
I shall start looking into these aspects & workin on it in the coming up to my ears in other stuff right now..
though how exactly i don;t know now :) ; will certainly require your
(and others) help on this..

Thank you, your long reply was very enlightening;

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