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    SubjectRe: Mozilla Thunderbird posting instructions wanted
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    Alexey Dobriyan wrote:
    > This POS is pretty popular among kernel janitors, so, can someone who
    > is successfully using it, please, post crystally clear step-by-step
    > instructions on how to send a foo.patch:
    > inline
    > with tabs preserved
    > with long lines preserved
    > Sending plain text attachments is OK with me, but, heh, people do post
    > patches inline and screw themselves.
    > I'll put instructions somewhere on -kj website and point every
    > unsuspecting new guy to them.

    Here is one method for posting patches in Thunderbird:

    Before starting to write the email, do Edit->Preferences, Composition
    tab, change "Wrap plain text messages at __ characters" to 0

    Begin writing your email

    Start up an editor in which you can select the text, for example:
    # gvim patch.diff
    Edit->Select All

    Switch back to the open Compose window, then Edit->Paste

    If you have Enigmail configured, when sending the email, you might get a
    box asking if you want to change the line wrapping to 68 characters, so
    just say No if that happens.

    Ideally, there would be a Thunderbird plugin to insert the contents of a
    file at the current location with no formatting changes... Maybe "next
    week" :)

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