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SubjectRe: Mozilla Thunderbird posting instructions wanted
Alexey Dobriyan wrote:

> This POS is pretty popular among kernel janitors, so, can someone who
> is successfully using it, please, post crystally clear step-by-step
> instructions on how to send a foo.patch:
> inline
> with tabs preserved
> with long lines preserved

Oh, give it up...

> Sending plain text attachments is OK with me, but, heh, people do post
> patches inline and screw themselves.

Personally I'd simply advocate plain text attachments. One thing though;
if you are going to, please make note of the long (long) standing bug in
TB that has it send all attachments (including plaintext ones) Base64
encoded when the outgoing encoding is set to UTF-8.

I do normally have outgoing set to UTF-8 and for example forgot to
disable that earlier today when I sent an OOPS as an attachment. You
don't immediately notice this yourself, since TB simply decodes it again
when viewing...

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