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SubjectRe: [PATCH 21/22] ehca main file


> What is ehca_show_flightrecorder() trying to do that snprintf() is
> not fast enough? If you need to pass a binary structure back to
> userspace (with a kernel address in it??) then sysfs is not the right
> place to put it. Look at debugfs; or relayfs might make the most
> sense for your flightrecorder stuff.

I agree debugfs or relayfs would be better suited. Of course as the
driver matures this form of debug is probably not required at all.

> +#include "hcp_sense.h" /* TODO: later via hipz_* header file */
> +#include "hcp_if.h" /* TODO: later via hipz_* header file */

I count 88 TODOs in the driver, it would be nice to get rid of some of
them like the two above, so we can concentrate on the important TODOs :)

> +#define EHCA_RESOURCE_ATTR_H(name) \
> +static ssize_t ehca_show_##name(struct device *dev, \
> + struct device_attribute *attr, \
> + char *buf)
> +#else
> +#define EHCA_RESOURCE_ATTR_H(name) \
> +static ssize_t ehca_show_##name(struct device *dev, \
> + char *buf)
> +#endif

No need for kernel version ifdefs.

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