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SubjectRe: [PATCH ] VMSPLIT config options (with default config fixed)
>> glad to see that the linux kernel is now ready for the 'idea'
>> I submitted a patch[1] for, more than a year ago -- which
>> unfortunately went unnoticed back then ...

BTW, I patched my local 2.6.16-rc1 with that patch and I run off
VMSPLIT_3G_OPT quite well without problems. (Well, VMware gets it wrong, as
usual, but nothing that I could not solved.) Even though I do not even have
1 G but just 768 ;-)

This sort of testing reminds me of Linus's 100->1000 Hz change
("I chose 1000 originally partly as a way to make sure that people that
assumed HZ was 100 would get a swift kick in the pants.")

Could we also do that with VMSPLIT?
("Let's choose VMSPLIT_2G to make sure that i386-people that assumed
PAGE_OFFSET was 0xC0000000 would get...")

>Hm, I wonder if we could have a more fine-grained choice of the
>boundary? There are also systems around with e.g. 1.25G or 1.5G of
>main memory.

Maybe something like:

config VMSPLIT_1G
bool "1G/3G user/kernel split"
config VMSPLIT_X
bool "Manual split"

depends on VMSPLIT_X
default 0xC0000000
prompt "Memory split address (must be aligned to 4096)"

And in include/asm/page.h:

#define __PAGE_OFFSET ((unsigned long)CONFIG_VMSPLIT_MANUAL)
#define __PAGE_OFFSET ((unsigned long)CONFIG_PAGE_OFFSET)

Not perfect, but a start.

Jan Engelhardt
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