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    SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux try #2
    Albert Cahalan wrote:
    > On 1/31/06, David S. Miller <> wrote:
    >>Someone remind me why the whole world is a prisoner to Joerg's cd
    >>burning program?
    >>Anybody can write their own, and if Joerg is a pain to work with that
    >>is a double extra incentive for this other implementation to be
    >>In fact I'm very surprised this hasn't happened already.
    > It has happened, many times, but sustaining such a project is
    > very difficult. The obstacles are numerous:
    > All the GUI apps parse cdrecord output. The output is somehow
    > even messier than the recent /proc/*/smaps abomination. It is
    > thus difficult to change or replace cdrecord. One of the major
    > GUI apps appears to be written by Joerg's real-life non-Internet
    > friend, who naturally refuses any patches to eliminate the need
    > for cdrecord.
    > Joerg is a Fraunhofer employee. That gives him connections to
    > many hardware companies. (and the RIAA, MPAA, Sony, Disney...)
    > One may wonder if this is both blessing and curse.
    > Forking means dealing with a giant pile of messy and ugly code.
    > The coding conventions are... interesting... and this code has
    > to run setuid. One had better be really careful making changes.
    > Most people are clueless about setuid code.
    > Starting fresh means rediscovering firmware bugs, of which there
    > are many. Things may be getting somewhat better though, with the
    > old pre-standard interfaces hopefully dying out. Getting the most
    > out of the hardware will require lots of device-specific code.
    > Joerg gets the hardware.
    > There are all sorts of funky formats. I've only ever heard of
    > mixed audio+data CDs for circa-1995 games and Sony spyware, but
    > maybe there are decent people who actually create these things.
    > In theory, somebody might be making multi-session CDs. Who knows?

    Not just in theory, I get notes from people saying they use addir for
    backups, which is why I wrote it, because I change ~50MB/day and one CD
    will hold all the change. So addir is like growisofs with some
    additional bells and whistles I found useful, like taking a list of
    files changed taoday from stdin (find) and adding them to the end of the
    CD, preserving or renaming directory names, etc. if you want to see an example.

    I used the mixed audio and data a few times, I'm sure there are folks
    who use it regularly. cdrecord is full function, and continues to
    support new vendors and models, work around firmware bugs etc. A real
    replacement is going to be a lot of ongoing work.

    -bill davidsen (
    "The secret to procrastination is to put things off until the
    last possible moment - but no longer" -me
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