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SubjectRe: [RFT] sky2: pci express error fix

> For all those people suffering with pci express errors
> on the sky2 driver. The problem is the PCI subsystem sometimes
> won't let the sky2 driver write to PCI express registers. It depends
> on the phase of the moon (actually ACPI) and number of devices.
> Anyway, this should fix it. Please tell me if it solves it for you.

I've applied your patch to an -mm4 soure tree, and the error messages
did stop. Thanks!

BTW, I think there is a typo in this line:
+ sky2_write32(hw, PCI_CI(PEX_UNC_ERR_STAT), 0xffffffffUL);
(it should be PCI_C, not PCI_CI).

Ansgar Esztermann
Researcher & Sysadmin
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