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SubjectRe: [swsusp] not enough memory
Also sprach Pavel Machek <> (Sat, 18 Feb 2006 16:11:16
> On Sat 18-02-06 00:58:14, Richard Mittendorfer wrote:
> > If I end all apps but the XServer it works. I've allready added some
> > more swapspace, but that didn't help. So, how much memory will I
> > need for a successful suspend or better (since i can't stuff any
> > more into it) is there a way to minimize the amount needed?
> 128MB should be enough for you.

Swap? 128M was my first attempt -- OOM when the box was heavily loaded.
IIRC no effect on swsusp - there are 64M Ram + 2M Video + Kernel + X?.
The reason I did it were some google results talking about free pages.
There were some solutions talking about adding swap.

(Ram? Would be the way to go, but it's fully loaded.)

> Or try modifying try_to_free memory
> routine to retry shrink_all_mem few more times, with schedule() in
> between...

Uhh. I don't think this will be a good idea /me ha[ck|rm]ing good ol'
linux source. ;-)

sl ritch
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