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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/22] Firmware interface code for IB device.
    Greg> Roland, your comments are fine, but what about the original
Greg> author's descriptions of what each patch are?

This is actually me breaking up a giant driver into pieces small
enough to post to lkml without hitting the 100 KB limit.

This is just an RFC -- I assume the driver is going to get merged in
the end as one big git changeset with a changelog like "add driver for
IBM eHCA InfiniBand adapters".

Greg> Come on, IBM allows developers to post code to lkml, just
Greg> look at the archives for proof. For them to use a proxy
Greg> like this is very strange, and also, there is no
Greg> Signed-off-by: record from the original authors, which is
Greg> not ok.

Well, the eHCA guys tell me that they can't post patches to lkml.

You're right that the final merge will have to have an IBM
Signed-off-by: line but as I said this is just an RFC. There are many
reasons beyond patch format issues that make this stuff unmergeable as-is.

Greg> And why aren't you using the standard firmware interface in
Greg> the kernel?

This is actually stuff to talk to the firmware that sits below the
kernel on IBM ppc64 machines, not an interface to load device firmware
from userspace.

- R.
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