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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] pcnet32: Introduce basic AT 2700/01 FTX support

    Don Fry wrote:
    > Philippe,
    > On a purely mechanical note, the patches do not apply cleanly because
    > of whitespace changes. Possibly your mailer changed tabs to spaces,
    > which causes the patch not to apply, and also causes your patch to have
    > different spacing than the rest of the file. The driver does not
    > conform to the 8-space indentation guideline/rule, but it is consistent
    > in 4-space indentation.
    uhhh.... did i forget to run Lindent..? Or was it that i just
    selected-middle clicked them into thunderbird?
    what's the recommended procedure oh how to append patches to
    mails? (Documentation just says included not attached...)
    > I am looking over this change and the following one, to try and
    > understand what and why you made your changes.
    > The change made by Thomas Bogendoerfer and modified by myself is much
    > more flexible than your changes, in that they are not specific just to
    > the Allied Telesyn boards with multiple Phys.
    I'm not sure what you are talking about. I didn't see any PHY switching
    code in the driver... And the specs specifically say that when more than
    one PHY is connected control should revert to software.

    > They also allow dynamic
    > changing of cabling without requiring the driver to be removed/installed
    > or the card power cycled. I also see little value in the module
    > parameters, when it can be determined dynamically. Also, maxphy might be
    > thought to the the maximum number of phys, rather than the maximum phy
    > number supported. If static selection of the phy to use is passed in as
    > a module parameter, why also include a maxphy?
    maxphy is supposed to be how many PHYs are actually connected to the chip.
    I didn't want to introduce a generic PHY scanner (which is possible)
    because that would have haa impact on all cards not only cards that actually
    have more than one phy.

    I really tried to put this into pcnet32_open. But i just didn't work...

    > As I review your patches I will follow up to the mailing list.
    > On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 at 05:14:39PM +0100, Seewer Philippe wrote:
    >>This patch extends Don Fry's last patch for AT 2700/01 FX to set the
    >>speed/fdx options for the FTX variants of these cards as well.
    >>Additionally the option override has been moved from pcnet32_open to
    >>pcnet32_probe1 because it's only necessary to override the options once.
    >>Tested and works.
    >>Patch applies to 2.6.16-rc3
    > Don Fry
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