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    SubjectRe: Stuck creating sysfs hooks for a driver..
     >Seewer Philippe wrote:

    >I don't know if this'll really help, but have a look at

    >Greg KH wrote:

    >Have you read Documentation/hwmon/sysfs-interface? I think that,
    >combined with using the hwmon class code is what you want to use here.
    >Hope this helps,
    >greg k-h
    Thanks, yes I shall look up both first glance they do look

    One thing i'd like to point out though, Greg: the LM70 is an
    SPI/Microwire based system and not i2c; so straight away, the i2c
    interface by itself will not be used...; also, the specific board
    (LM70CILD-3, which i've written the 2.4 driver for & am now porting to
    2.6), comes with a built-in parport that's what the driver
    takes into account of course..

    Also it's a relatively simple temperature sensor - it does not seem to
    support hysteresis temperature, i/p voltages, etc. I'm saying all this
    as the sysfs interface i envision is just a simple read-only hook: the
    o/p value (after a little userspace massaging) is the temperature in
    Celsius correct to 0.25 degrees. So it looks to me that this particular
    driver necessitates a kind-of "custom" entry under /sys/class/hwmon with
    it's own userspace support. Do I move ahead in this direction?


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