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    SubjectRe: kernel oops: trying to mount a corrupted xfs partition (2.6.16-rc3)
    On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 07:36:29PM +0100, bjd wrote:
    > Trying to mount a corrupted xfs partition hanging off a Promise
    > PDC20267 FastTrak100/Ukltra100 controller.
    > The partition contains a test Linux system that, due to an in-
    > complete install, had to be halted by brute force (i.e. power off).

    Any idea how/at what point it became corrupted?

    > After a reboot and xfs_repair the filesystem proved to be mildly
    > corrupted, but recoverable.

    This filesystem has not been repaired, if it had you would not
    be going into log recovery when you mount it (xfs_repair clears
    out the log).

    > XFS mounting filesystem hda3
    > Starting XFS recovery on filesystem: hda3 (logdev: internal)
    > EIP: 0060:[xlog_recover_do_inode_trans+473/2688] Tainted: P VLI

    This indicates you are running recovery - run xfs_repair first
    if you know the filesystem is corrupt.


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