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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Provide an interface for getting the current tick length
Andrew Morton writes:

> Paul Mackerras <> wrote:
> > Is that enough to be worth factoring out? Note that
> > update_wall_time_one_tick() needs both time_adjust_step and
> > delta_nsec, so to share more, we would have to have a function
> > returning two values and it would start to get ugly.
> >
> update_wall_time_one_tick() gets:
> long delta_nsec = new_function();
> and your new function becomes
> return (u64)new_function() << (SHIFT_SCALE - 10)) + time_adj;

and update_wall_time_one_tick misses out on this bit:

/* Reduce by this step the amount of time left */
time_adjust -= time_adjust_step;

That's why I said that update_wall_time_one_tick needs both
time_adjust_step and delta_nsec. If you have a nice way to return
both values, please let me know...

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