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    Subject2.6.16-rc: CIFS reproducibly freezes the computer
    Hi Steve,

    I do obvserve the following on my i386 computer:

    I'm connecting to a Samba server.

    Copying data to the server works without any problems.

    When trying to copy some GB from the server, my computer completely
    frezzes after some 100 MB. This is reproducible.

    "Complete freeze" is:
    - no reaction to any input, even when I was in the console the magic
    SysRq key is not working
    - if XMMS was playing, the approx. half a second of the song that was
    playing at the time when it happened is played in an endless loop by
    the sound chip

    I once switched to the console waiting for the crash, and I saw the
    following messages:
    CIFS VFS: No response to cmd 46 mid 5907
    CIFS VFS: Send error in read = -11

    There are no other CIFS messages in my logs, and the messages above
    didn't make it into the logs (there's nothing recorded in the logs at
    the time of the crashes).

    I tried kernel 2.6.16-rc2 and 2.6.16-rc3.

    CIFS options in my kernel:
    # CONFIG_CIFS_STATS is not set
    # CONFIG_CIFS_XATTR is not set

    I'm mounting with (slightly anonymized):
    mount -t cifs -o user="foo",ip= //DAT/bar bar

    I'm using the smbfs 3.0.21a-4 package from Debian.

    It doesn't occur in, because with this kernel (and AFAIR also
    with older kernels) my computer refuses to mount this share.

    Mounting the same share with smbfs works without big problems (on some
    rare occassions the connection might become stale and I have to umount
    and remount the share, but this is rare and it never affects the
    stability of my computer).

    I'm using an e100 network card with a 10 MBit/s connection.

    Any other information I can provide for helping to debug this problem?



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