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SubjectQuestion: possible bug in setrlimit

A test suite uncovered a possible bug in setrlimit(2).

A code that does
mylimits.rlim_cur = 0;
setrlimit(RLIMIT_CPU, &mylimits);
does not set a cpu time limit.
No signal is sent to this code when its "limit" of 0 seconds expires.

Under the 2.6.5 kernel (SuSE SLESS9) a signal was sent.

I don't see any obvious difference in sys_setrlimit() or
set_process_cpu_timer() between 2.6.5 and 2.6.16.

Is a cpu time limit of 0 supposed to limit to 0 seconds, or be unlimited?

Cliff Wickman
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
(651) 683-3824
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