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    SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 04/20] pspace: Allow multiple instaces of the process id namespace
    Quoting Kirill Korotaev (
    > >So far you have not addressed the issues of maintaining code in the
    > >kernel tree.

    > Uhhh... I see that you have no real arguments. Nice.

    Au contraire, this is a central issue which you have yet to address.
    How do you suggest helping maintainers in the future know which pid they
    are working with?

    For our vpid patchset we had considered using sparse to make sure that
    the real ('kernel') and user ('virtual') pids were never used in place
    of each other without going through a conversion. That could be one
    solution. Using opaque typedefs is of course another solution. But
    suspect there will be places in the code where it simply isn't clear
    at first glance which pid you'd want. And if it's not clear at first
    glance, then it's likely to be done wrong in at least some of those

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