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SubjectRe: Fw: PROBLEM: SB Live! 5.1 (emu10k1, rev. 0a) doesn't work with 2.6.15
> > As stated the solution for me was to update alsa-utils and alsa-libs
> > which fixed the issues I was getting - I found that if one of the
> > 'controls' (15, I think?) was invalid at boot, all the volume settings
> > in alsamixer got set to '0' (i.e. mute/turned off) - no sound.
> Such a problem is usually because of init script rather alsa-lib
> version. It should call alsactl with -F option.

I would agree - but I only have one asound.state file, and also doing
the upgrade to said alsa utils and libs *fixed* it...

On my system at least something was going awry.

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