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SubjectRe: Is my SATA/400GB drive dying?

>I know you are feeling uneasy at best, but I have more or less the same
>problems with two Raptors (WD740GD) on two Asus P5GCD-V Deluxe (ICH6) MBs. I
>had to pull them out of the box to use the boxes, because they were
>constantly freezing...
>Report is here:
> (and the dirs above)
>So far I got one or two "me too" responses, but that was all. I think the
>last working kernel was 2.6.11, but that is a bit too old to test now and
>then I was not using libata, AFAIR.
>Now one of the boxes uses Seagate ST3250823AS (25d uptime) and the other an
>old PATA WDC WD102BB (yes that is only 10GB!).
>How reproducible is yours?
>We might file to bugzilla? (So far I always had the attention on LKML quick
Me too... :)

I've written to ide-linux and lkml (subject usually contains SMART
and/or ATA for easy searching.

No useful responses but I did gather a few email addresses of people who
had *possibly* related problems.
(I'm just waiting for enough people to complain and raise the profile).

NB: It's my wifes machine so I need to pick my times to get access to
experiment ;)



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