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SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
"D. Hazelton" <> wrote:

> > Name a single program (not using libscg) that implements user space SCSI
> > and runs on as many platforms as cdrecord/libscg does.
> I'm not the maintainer of a program, and hence I don't have to.
> But why in the hell do you even _need_ SCSI in userspace when the kernel
> provides complete facilities? And even then your argument is specious, since

Then please try to inform yourself in order to understand that you are wrong.

libscg abstracts from a kernel specific transport and allows to write OS
independent applications that rely in generic SCSI transport.

For this reason, it is bejond the scope of the Linux kernel team to decide on
this abstraction layer. The Linux kernel team just need to take the current
libscg interface as given as _this_ _is_ the way to do best abstraction.

The Linux kernel team has the freedom to boycott portable user space SCSI
applications or to support them.


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