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SubjectRe: [RFC 2/4] firewire: dynamic cdev allocation below firewire major
On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 08:32 +0100, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> > I don't really like this. There's no benefit to using the 1394 major
> > number. I'd rather see an improved alloc_chrdev_region() that does
> > something like this but for the whole kernel (currently it "wastes" an
> > entire major even if you only want 1 minor, and for what you're doing,
> > grabbing 1 minor at a time makes the most sense.)
> why bother? There's a LOT of majors nowadays (12 bits) so... what's the
> problem with keeping the kernel side simple?
> (it's not as if userspace needs to care about the exact numbers anyway
> for almost everything)

Uh, ok. Seems pretty weird to effectively allocate 256 device numbers
for just a single device, but ok :)
I'll drop the patch and make it allocate a new major for every device
plugged in.

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