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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 04/20] pspace: Allow multiple instaces of the process id namespace
Kirill Korotaev <> writes:

>> +
>> +static inline int pspace_task_visible(struct pspace *pspace, struct
> task_struct *tsk)
>> +{
>> + return (tsk->pspace == pspace) ||
>> + ((tsk->pspace->child_reaper.pspace == pspace) &&
>> + (tsk->pspace->child_reaper.task == tsk));
> <<< the logic with child_reaper which can be somehow partly inside pspace... and
> this check is not that abvious.

This is the check for what shows up in /proc.

Given that is how I have explicitly documented things to work, (the
init process straddles the boundary) I fail to see how it is not obvious.

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