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SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux try #2
Albert Cahalan <> wrote:

> Joerg is a Fraunhofer employee. That gives him connections to
> many hardware companies. (and the RIAA, MPAA, Sony, Disney...)
> One may wonder if this is both blessing and curse.

It is obvious that you are completely bejond reality.

What is your background for writing lies like this one?

How about trying to find out how reality is?

> Forking means dealing with a giant pile of messy and ugly code.
> The coding conventions are... interesting... and this code has
> to run setuid. One had better be really careful making changes.
> Most people are clueless about setuid code.

The original code demonstarates that suid root is not needed
if you run on an operating system that offers the needed features (e.g.

> Starting fresh means rediscovering firmware bugs, of which there
> are many. Things may be getting somewhat better though, with the
> old pre-standard interfaces hopefully dying out. Getting the most
> out of the hardware will require lots of device-specific code.
> Joerg gets the hardware.

You get the hardware if you prove that you do _real_ long time work.

You constantly need to prove that you are still doing work and you need to stay
in contact with the righ people. This is some kind of "social engineering" and
it seems that many people from this list would have problems to do communicaton
the right way.....

Wheening: "someboy need to to work on this" is not doing real work.


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