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SubjectRe: why are some of my patches being credited to other "authors"?
On Sat, 9 Dec 2006, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> > p.s. it's possible that this is all just a wild coincidence, of
> > course. stranger things have happened.
> ... or a genuine mistake.

sure, as i wrote above, i'm willing to accept that. but it still
leaves an open issue -- once one submits a patch, is there *any*
official feedback that one can look for to see if it's been
accepted/rejected/dropped on the floor/whatever?

at last count, i have eight patches in the queue. or do i? i have no
way of knowing. (actually, that's not entirely true -- one of the
patches was Ack'ed so i'm assuming it will go in eventually, but i
still have no idea when.)

but given that i'm trying to follow the kernel guidelines and keep
each submission as a logically-related chunk, in many cases, i have to
wait for one patch to be applied before i can submit the next one.
and, at the moment, there's no way of knowing what's going on.


p.s. WRT to the example i described above, if it was a coincidence
that someone else submitted a duplicate patch to mine, i don't think
it's unreasonable to suggest that my submission should have been
replied to on the list with something like "this patch is a duplicate
of so-and-so's," rather than silently throwing it away.

a few seconds of that kind of courtesy seems a small price to pay to
let me avoid days of wondering what's happening.
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