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SubjectPossible memory leak in ata_piix.c

Kmemleak found a possible memory leak in piix_init_one() in
drivers/ata/ata_piix.c. This only appeared after 2.6.19, maybe caused
by the recent patches to this area. Kmemleak cannot find any track of
the kzalloc'ed piix_host_priv structure allocated in the above
function and reports it. The allocation stack trace is below:

unreferenced object 0xde9bca60 (size 4):
[<c018d85d>] __kmalloc_track_caller
[<c0179249>] __kzalloc
[<c02cf33f>] piix_init_one
[<c023dc2d>] pci_call_probe
[<c023dc81>] __pci_device_probe
[<c023dcb9>] pci_device_probe
[<c029b5fc>] really_probe
[<c029b728>] driver_probe_device
[<c029b8c1>] __driver_attach
[<c029a879>] bus_for_each_dev
[<c029b8e9>] driver_attach
[<c029ae9c>] bus_add_driver
[<c029bd27>] driver_register
[<c023e035>] __pci_register_driver
[<c02cf4ef>] piix_init


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