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SubjectRe: new procfs memory analysis feature
Paul Cameron Davies wrote:
> The PTI gathers all the open coded iterators togethers into one place,
> which would be a good precursor to providing generic iterators for
> non performance critical iterations.
> We are completing the updating/enhancements to this PTI for the latest
> kernel, to be released just prior to LCA. This PTI is benchmarking
> well. We also plan to release the experimental guarded page table
> (GPT) running under this PTI.

I looked at implementing linear pagetable mappings for x86 as a way of
getting rid of CONFIG_HIGHPTE, and to make pagetable manipulations
generally more efficient. I gave up on it after a while because all the
existing pagetable accessors are not suitable for a linear pagetable,
and I didn't want to have to introduce a pile of new pagetable
interfaces. Would the PTI interface be helpful for this?

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