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SubjectRe: additional oom-killer tuneable worth submitting?
Alan wrote:
> > What I understood from Arjan is that the problem isn't swapspace, but
> > rather that shared-libs are implement via a COW trick, which always
> > overcommits, no matter what.
> The zero overcommit layer accounts address space not pages.

So OOM can still occur?

> > Are you saying there is some new no-overcommit functionality in 2.6.19,
> > or has this been there before?
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux for a very long time, got merged upstream a long
> long time ago to. Then got various fixes along the way. It's old
> functionality.

That's what I thought, but it's still really easy to OOM even with

Using ulimit -v [total VMsize/runqueue] seems to inhibit this rather
effectively, but needs to be maintained dynamically per process.

Couldn't this be handled by the kernel?



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