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SubjectRe: [v4l-dvb-maintainer] [2.6 patch] cx88/saa7134: remove unused -DHAVE_VIDEO_BUF_DVB
Hi Mkrufky,

Em Qui, 2006-12-07 às 18:26 +0100, Adrian Bunk escreveu:

> No, the configuration
> builds fine in 2.6.19.

> > Thanks, Adrian, for pointing out this inconsistency.

The point here, seemed to be related to the old v4l-dvb building system
and some conflicts with /boot/config. Previously, if /boot/config have a
symbol (for example) CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB=Y, it would define this symbol
for cx88, saa7134, etc, but it won't compile the required module,
generating some mess. Our current building system were improved in a way
that it will work fine, undefining such symbols.

In other words, just replacing all HAVE_foo to the proper CONFIG_foo
should work fine.

Anyway, I think it is better if you can take a look on it and do some
tests, before cleaning those legacy defines. There's no rush for this to
kernel window, since it would be just a trivial cleanup patch.


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