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    SubjectRe: single bit errors on files stored on USB-HDDs via USB2/usb_storage
    Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
    > Pete Zaitcev wrote:
    >>>>>I'm using a Bunch auf HDDs in USB-Enclosures for storing files.
    >>>>>(currently 38 HDD, with a total capacity of 9,5 TB of which 8,5 TB is used)
    >> You should buy a variety of different enclosures
    >> with different chipsets (e.g. find a Freecom if you can),
    > That would definetly cost way to much money and time to be in any way
    > "efficient".

    Search for firmware updates from the manufacturer of the enclosure, of
    the bridge board, or of the bridge chip... if you didn't do so already.
    Some chips support firmware upload to an EEPROM, usually via a Windows
    Stefan Richter
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