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SubjectRe: [patch] ACPI, i686, x86_64: fix laptop bootup hang in init_acpi()

* Len Brown <> wrote:

> c. disable the NMI whenever the ACPI interpeter is running
> (who knows, maybe this isn't limited to the _INI case, but
> could cause a hang at some other time -- only the
> BIOS AML writers knows....)

i have tested this by forcing the NMI frequency to 10,000 per second,
and never saw any other problem. So at least this particular laptop
should be OK.

So i /think/ this should be enough - the _INI case should be limited to
bootup - or can it trigger during module load too? The IO-APIC based NMI
watchdog should really only involve the southbridge (whose
initialization package has this problem, in my guesstimation - do you
agree?) and not random other devices - so once we have booted up we
should be fine from this particular issue. acpi_nmi_disable()/enable()
does a cross-IPI to all CPUs, so it can be quite heavy-handed - i'm not
sure we want it for every interpreter invocation.

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