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SubjectDetecting I/O error and Halting System : come back
Hi evrybody,

I come back with my problem of "I/O error" (refer to
the following link to reffresh your mind :

I come back with a last question and I swear that I'll
stop annoying you with this problem.
Can you explain me why it seems that some part of the
hard drive are read only and others seems totaly
Some commands are available and works fine, others
generate an error like this :

-bash: /bin/some_command: Input/output error

Can you explain that?
Can I consider that the commands that are available
are in fact in the memory/cache and not read from the
hard drive?

Executing "e2fsck" turns sometimes in short : I got
"Bus error".
When I execute again "e2fsck" I optain this errors :
Error reading block XXXX ( Attempt to read block from
filesystem resulted in short read). Ignore error?
Inode XYZW (...) has bad mode (00).

When I try to write to a file (that I can read and
that is not empty), I loose it ?(size = 0, and the
content seems to be gone away...)

Why, when I execute the shutdown commande, I got a bus

Some Linux users pointed a journal commit problem;
what do you think about?
( see the link :

I googled and found that there are lot off similar
cases :

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