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SubjectThe drivers Kconfig structure: oddities and exceptions

as a followup to my previous patch (and before i build on top of
that), perhaps someone can clarify some of these bits of curiosity:

1) although "Sound" is listed in the Device Drivers menu, its actual
source directory is at the top level of the kernel source tree, and
it's the *only* entry in Device Drivers that requires sourcing from
the top-level directory. any reason for this? it just kind of stands
out as a weird exception to the rule.

2) in any of these driver submenu Kconfig files, you normally see that
*all* of the Kconfig entries depend on that "parent" menu selection.
but in drivers/scsi/Kconfig, you read:

menu "SCSI device support"

config RAID_ATTRS ???
tristate "RAID Transport Class"
default n
depends on BLOCK
Provides RAID

config SCSI
tristate "SCSI device support"
depends on BLOCK
... snip ...

config SCSI_TGT
tristate "SCSI target support"
... snip ...

config SCSI_NETLINK ???
default n
select NET

one would think that, if RAID_ATTRS depends only on BLOCK, it
properly belongs under the "Block devices" menu, just as SCSI_NETLINK
might belong under NET, or perhaps it should have a SCSI dependency as
well to make it consistent. thoughts?

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