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Subject[2.6.18]make menuconfig:USB Gadget Drivers are selected as modules instead of Y by default during menuconfig
Hi all,

I have one problem with menuconfig in linux 2.6.18. Description is as

make menuconfig
(Go to)
Device Drivers --->
USB support --->
USB Gadget Support --->
Select Support for USB Gadgets as 'Y'

"USB Gadget Drivers" is selected as 'M' by default. But USB Gadget
Drivers is a choice type menu which depends on "Support for USB Gadgets"

Since "Support for USB Gadgets" is selected as 'Y' and
"USB_GADGET_SELECT" is also 'Y' "USB Gadget Drivers" should also be
selected as 'Y' by default. But it is selected as 'M' by default and it
also allows to choose multiple gadgets although it is a choice menu. So
can anyone please let me know the solution for fixing this problem?


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