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SubjectRe: data corruption with nvidia chipsets and IDE/SATA drives // memory hole mapping related bug?!
Ville Herva wrote:
> I saw something very similar with Via KT133 years ago. Then the culprit was
> botched PCI implementation that sometimes corrupted PCI transfers when there
> was heavy PCI I/O going on. Usually than meant running two disk transfers at
> the same time. Doing heavy network I/O at the time made it more likely
> happen.
Hm I do only on concurrent test,... and network is not used very much
during the tests.

> I used this crude hack:
I'll have a look at it :)

> If the problem in your case is that the PCI transfer gets corrupted when it
> happens to a certain memory area, I guess you could try to binary search for
> the bad spot with the kernel BadRam patches
> (I seem to recall it was possible
> to turn off memory areas with vanilla kernel boot params without a patch,
> but I can't find a reference.)

I know badram,.. but the thing is,.. that it's highly unlikely that my
RAMs are damaged. Many hours of memtest86+ runs did not show any error
(not even ECC errors),...

And why should memhol mapping disabled solve the issue if memory was
damaged? That could only be if the badblocks would be in the address
space used by the memhole....

fn:Mitterer, Christoph Anton
n:Mitterer;Christoph Anton

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