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SubjectRe: Infinite retries reading the partition table
On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 12:24 -0800, Luben Tuikov wrote:
> NEEDS_RETRY _does_ terminate, after it exhausts the retries. But since
> by the ASC value we know that no amount of retries is going to work,
> this chunk of the patch resolves it quicker, i.e. eliminates the
> "NEEDS_RETRY" pointless retries (given the SK/ASC combination).

I agree that it's useful behaviour. However, the change header should
be something like "scsi_error: don't retry for unrecoverable medium
errors" not "infinite retries .."

> > > - if (scsi_end_request(cmd, 1, good_bytes, result == 0) == NULL)
> > > + if (good_bytes &&
> > > + scsi_end_request(cmd, 1, good_bytes, result == 0) == NULL)
> > > return;
> >
> > What exactly is this supposed to be doing? its result is identical to
> > the code it's replacing (because of the way scsi_end_request() processes
> > its second argument), so it can't have any effect on the stated problem.
> I suppose this is true, but I'd rather it not even go in
> scsi_end_request as (cmd, uptodate=1, good_bytes=0, retry=0) and complete
> at the bottom as (cmd, uptodate=0, total_xfer, retry=0).

But, logically, this isn't part of the change set ... the behaviour
you're altering is unrelated to the change set details, so this piece
shouldn't be in.


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