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SubjectRe: [patch] x86_64: do not enable the NMI watchdog by default

> and it needs to be
> undone via the patch attached further below.

I disagree. And it has often saved my ass on 64bit. I

On 32bit it might be reevaluated -- i didn't expect that amount
of laptop firmware bugs triggered by it, but I'm not quite
ready to give up on that yet.

> If Andi wants to debug stuff via the NMI wachdog, he should use the
> nmi_watchdog=2 boot option:

This means for most lockups which are hard to reproduce we don't
get any backtrace.

And nmi_watchdog=2 is bad because it runs at HZ frequency
and has quite high overhead.

> also, lock debugging facilities catch lockup possibilities (and actual
> lockups) alot more efficiently,

Production kernels don't have lock debugging enabled because it
has far too much overhead.

> 8 were caught by lockdep, 8 by atomicity checks in the scheduler, 7 by

None of which is enabled on non debug kernels.

> Note: zero were caught by the NMI watchdog, and i run the NMI watchdog
> enabled by default on all architectures, and i have serial logging of
> everything.

Sure lock debugging will probably catch most of this earlier,
but we don't have it usually.

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